Kid Projects

I will have to move a number of things over here to showcase the things kids have made with me. Here is Mya with her dad’s pillow… 9 years old and sewing zippers! 🙂

Mya sews pillows with zippers.jpg

This is Evan and his pickle… all his idea, I just helped with the production.

This pickle has a 7″ zip in the back and a hidden pocket that is holding 11 baby pickles. Dills, I think.

Pickle.jpgPickle creator.jpg

This same kid came up with this last summer… we put it all together with 5 babies in one afternoon. 🙂

And Evan’s first creation… a lovely fleecy banana. I am very proud.

It’s all about the process….

Evan banana pinning.jpg

A little hand sewing and voila!  A banana pillow is born.

Evan Banana.jpg

Our first project together was in the repair of Evan’s baby quilt… disintegrating before his eyes. He was pretty happy with the fix. (April 2014)

Evan Quilt repairs.jpg

In 2015 Banana Camp was held: and 3 creative souls spent a summer week with me making things. Here are some highlights.

Banana Camp.jpg



Clearly, the kids in my life know about bananas… the twins even got in on the act.

Sergers are fun too… and workable. Ben is only 6 here, making Valentine placemats for his family

Sergers are fun too.jpgtwin bananas.jpg

Jam  Camp with Ben. Strawberry Rhubarb…. from the farm to labelling…done.

jam Camp Ben 3.jpgCharity Bear from Shiny Happy World pattern: a perfect kid project.

Bears R Us.jpg

Jam Camp with R and R

Making the angry birds makes us happy

making stuff.jpg

angry ones and happy ones.jpg

Rooster art.jpg

We have made many felt books… so easy and so fun

quiet book.jpg


Paco.jpg     I’ve yet to have a kid make one of these, but it is a very suitable project. Contrary to popular belief, though pins are sharp, kids are generally pretty careful with them. There has not been a child enter my house who hasn’t loved to rearrange the pins in  Paco.

Body art doesn’t involve sewing, but it’s still pretty fun.Body art.jpg