Quilty Things

Stay tuned for the bird quilt which is well underway.

Meanwhile… Mark gets his own quilt.

This doesn’t really need explaining, does it? But look for Buddy and Shadow on this. They aren’t really part of gardening and food, except for the love part.

The Peg Quilt

My very best work, in memory of my best friend Peg who died of Ovarian Cancer in 2019. She loved flowers and this pattern from Shiny Happy World seemed fitting. The technique is turned appliqué. I gave it to her husband Pete who made a quilt rack for it and it now rests in his living room. There are tears on this fabric.

Sandra Quilt


This one was a gift to my sister-like friend Sandra for her birthday. Like me, still is still grieving for Peg, so those memories are built into the blocks. Each block has special meaning for Sandra. Pst of the block patterns are from Lori Holt’s ‘Farm Girl Vintage’ book

The Stained Glass Quilt

I’ve had this pattern for a long time and now (dead of winter 2017) seems the perfect time to put it together…. pattern from Craftsy.com ca.. Stained Glass Quilt by Bob. thanks Bob!

It is made of beautiful Batiks with black cotton sashing and backed in flannel. I used mostly black thread for SITD quitting on all the sashing (a real pain, but walking foot helped) and created and used a flower template for some free motion flowers in the big squares. Shadow approves and that’s all that matters.

The House Quilt

My very first quilt… Houses. It was a bit ambitious for a first try, but it worked out just fine.  I stippled it on my Bernina with it’s BSR foot… I never get tired of using it.

Look at that beautiful fall day!  My favourite time of the year.

First Quilt.jpg

and the back of it… a patched effort with the leftover fabric.  You can see I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I realized perfection doesn’t matter all that much. 🙂


Woodland Creatures Quilt and Wall-hanging

This Woodland Creatures Quilt is from Shiny Happy World’s pattern and it when to live with twin babies for Christmas… they live in the woods with all these real animals, so kudos to their mom for decorating appropriately! 🙂

Cat approval process

My first Scrappy Quilt for colour practice

Minecraft: it had to happen sooner or later. This is a gift for my friend Ben who loves both Minecraft and sewing. It’s also my first rag quilt, a fun, albeit messy, project.

The runaway quilt block… And look how happy he is!

A raggedy birthday quilt for Noah

Memory quilt for Meg


The Hug a Bug quilt for Cali

And a quilt for Steph…. Jelly roll fun

And a free style applique lap quilt for my mom

nana quilt.jpg

From my house to Ben’s geocaching wall hanging 😍

Lullaby babies

A birthday present for my friend Jenn (Jenn… Don’t look; it’s not your birthday yet)

And for Peg… To cheer her just after her diagnosis. She always loved Maxine’s humour, so I thought it might help her cope with all that was about to happen. I gave it to her in time for her first surgery.

Animal quilt for Tom

Our cat Buddy loved all quilts. We loved him so very much. He died in March 2020

Yes cat quilt #2, from Shiny Happy World’s pattern

A scrappy quilt for Mark

The Mats quilt, made by Cathy at my house for her daughter for a Christmas surprise

The David Conacher quilt, a simple brick pattern made from his favourite shirts and given to Meg as a memory quilt


My latested: the Florida Bandana Quilt: I may blog about it tomorrow. If I can get myself out from under it.

Bandana Quilt
Bandana Quilt
The makings of a shower curtain
The makings of a shower curtain

The Great Canadian Baby Quilt

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