Wall Art

One of my favourite creative outlets… and a great way to practice new skills on a small scale. Some of these are from patterns, but others are just my own. These make great gifts, too… and most have left my home for lands afar.

I especially love the ones that tell a story. What is your story? I’ll make you something too.


This is our favourite room because it is full of light and lots of plants and it connects us to the outdoors. Shadow especially loves it because the floor is heated. That is the hot tub in the corner which I decorated with a quilted bookcase wall hanging. It was so much fun to make that I made 2 more for friends, each with personal book titles and touches. The book spines are mainly salvage bits from fabrics (I always cut off and save the salvages on new fabrics) and a few others I embroidered. Zoom in to see the fun of it. Our clock is set to 4:44 because that is Mark’s special number

Hot tub art… who knew this was needed?

I made this wall hanging from fabric purchased in Dunedin Florida, one of our favourite places. (Go Jays) so if pineapples weren’t already special to us, this makes them more so. We kinda have a thing here about this “welcoming” fruit.

OK, back to wall hangings.

My first attempt at paper piecing… the library book labels are selvedges from my fabrics


We had the pleasure of visiting Highclere Castle a few years ago…aka Downton Abby… and I brought home a souvenir tea towel and changed it into a quilted wall hanging. It hangs in my kitchen and I never get tired of looking at it. I think I see Bates.. do you?

For Meg’s little cabin

Watermelons for summer outside only.
Laundry room art
Once a lap quilt for my mom while she was in the nursing home, it hangs cheerfully on my sewing room wall. She helped to cut the flowers

This little guy is on our front door now, for winter

A world map quilted for a special boy
Above and just below, a sample from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage Book

This lovely Cardinal wall hanging is made from a free pattern at Moda. This one is now hanging on the wall in my mom’s room at her nursing home. She loves birds and sewing and I think really loves this creation. I made all the stems from a very old package of dark brown bias tape she had in her sewing box which I inherited.


My first ever wall hanging and quilting experience. Inspired by Scandinavian Stitches


The Runaway Quilt Block…see the little guy escaping? He didn’t get far, but seems happy enough, just hanging around my house.


Woodland creatures (pattern from Shiny Happy World). I was asked to make a quilt with this pattern and did so… see  Quilty Things, and loved the animals so much I had to keep some for myself.


The special thing about this little house is that it is made with crayons! Colouring 101  on cloth, them ironed to set and quilted with black thread to outline the parts. I sewed the buttons on afterward. I love the simplicity of the whole thing.

crayon art.jpg
Above is a little something I made for my mom when she was in the nursing home; made from bits of fabric from her own stash… some from as much as 60 years ago. Ask me how I know. 🙂

For my hairdresser friend, Patty


The Shelly Cottage. I made this up as I went along… using a photo of the cottage to help. A gift for friends.


Cats peering out the window on a summers day. Pretty primitive early effort.

cat wall hanging.jpg

Wedding Gift


From the book Scandinavian Stitches, a tree. Raw edged appliqué…. so simple. I love the look and have made several of these in a variety of sizes. This one is about 20 x 25

This was my very first attempt at fabric art…. my own  house!

Sewing room sign for ME!

Banana Productions was born with this signage

This is a crayon quilt. Image downloaded, and copied onto white cloth, then coloured with crayons and ironed to set. then outline stitched, framed and quilted.

A little cat, made with Mya for her room at our house. It hangs in the window.photo 3

Sewing/craft room signage for my friend Jenn


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