Market Bag Tutorial

This looks like a great idea for boxed corners! I’ll try it!

Mom's Sewing Room

Here is a tutorial for the market bags that I made.  It is not an original pattern; I copied it from a bag that I saw in a store.  The only thing special about it is the way the square bottom is made.  The measurements given are for a nice-sized grocery bag, but it could easily be adjusted to other sizes.  I think it would make a great lunch sack in a smaller size.  Maybe I’ll make some for back-to-school in the fall.

Fabric requirements:  1/2 yd of a medium to heavy weight fabric like twill or denim

Fold in half with wrong sides together.  Cut three inches off of the selvage edge (not the fold).

Measure 2 inches from the folded edge.

Fold the upper half of the fabric along the 2 inch line.  I do this at the ironing board.  Place ruler along the fold, fold the fabric…

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