Finally updating my site

And I owe it all to this little guy who appeared in my Christmas Sock. I do love Santa. Very, very much.


And my sewing has improved as well…. again, I give credit to Santa. Look at the beauty of these scissors!


So because I have a new speedy Mac, I can now have computing fun again, not that I don’t enjoy my iPhone, I do, but I can do so much more on my big machine. Like Photoshop. There is not enough time in the day now for all that lies before me in the fun department. I do feel that retirement is like having a chance at Kindergarten… yes, you read that right. A chance. Not “another chance” because I did not go to Kindergarten. It wasn’t invented yet in my town.  That’s how old I am.  So I’m doing it now and loving it. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been ‘mousing around’ and updating my pages with photos of new creations. I see I need to do lots more editing, but all in good time. I can’t be out of my sewing room for too long without withdrawal symptoms developing.

Please look around to see if there is something you would like for someone you love, or like a few of my dear friends, get some inspiration of your own.

(2 of my friends have in the past year purchased sewing machines, have learned the basics and are making awesome treasures… Kudos! )

Here is a smattering of treasures created in my home home in just the past couple of months… I never tire of toys. Luckily, I have a large group of friends who like toys as much as me; a few of them are actually children too. Everything here is on their related pages (likely)… just look at the menu for the list of pages. I promise to make things look better soon.

Soft friends

A bit of upholstery here and there

Baskets made of cloth.

Quilty things and new learning…free motion flowers, dresden plates and paper piecing.

I made this boxy pouch yesterday… I’ve made hundreds of zipped pouches, but wanted to learn a new technique and style. This one matches may carry-on bag… it is going to get a workout next month.


And a few dill pickles and olives, because snacks are good in Kindergarten

See all the Felt foods here

Random projects… kid reading pillows… garden flags, lots of curtains and a memory pillow that made me cry


That’s all for now…. next blog will be to show you my sewing room where I am going right now!

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