Finally, an update from me.

Home sweet home!

This is the heart of our home and where the sun shines the brightest. Over the years, and particularly these pandemic ones when we are home so very much, it has filled with all sorts of Banana Productions creations. These include the not very fancy, but functional re-upholstered couch cushions, the hot tub wall art and a few bits of quilty things and paper flowers. Shadow is still with us, thank goodness. she loves this sunny, warm area too.

I have a new toy

I think the new toy is, at least in part, to blame for my absence here. That and a slow computer which I have had fixed with and upgrade to my desktop Mac and the addition of a MacBook Air (bliss)

The New Toy is pictured below. Cricut maker 3. Santa brought it to me last Christmas (2021) and it has occupied a whole lot of my time. A considerable chunk was spent learning how to use it and I still feel I have a long way to go, but I can navigate the software quite comfortably now and feel confident in trying new things. My most favourite is working with paper and cardstock. I have a Cricut page which you can get to via the Menu at the top and if I learn this site a bit better, perhaps I can add a link right here. Yes!

My New Toy: the Maker 3. Here it is below set up in my room ready to go. I’ve had to do a significant re-org to allow for paper, card stock, glues, vinyl, HTV, sublimation paper, acrylics, mats, rollers, wires, crepe paper, hot glue gun and sticks, specialty markers and a fancy heat press. And that is just the short list. I can now make my own greeting cards at a cost of about $120.00 per card, not including my time… lol But all well worth it for the pleasure it all brings. I find I can combine Cricut functions with my sewing projects too, which adds to the creative possibilities. Take a look below at Mark’s new iPad case, for example.

Mark has his own iPad now and so needed a case for it. Heat Transfer vinyl cut by the Cricut and a foam lined case made by me with a velcro closing fit the bill.

I promise to post more often. Really. Meanwhile, go check things out. There are new additions in many of the pages.

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