What does the fox say?

For a few days now, this song has been reverberating in my head. My daughter first showed this to me last year and I didn’t quite “get it” then, but I do now. It’s catchy. Have a listen and a look at the youtube video and you will see why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE  But be careful! You won’t get this out of your head for a lonnnnng time.

I wanted to make a few foxes for gifts at Christmas and found Stitched by Crystal’s  pattern to be fun and easy.

3 created and another on the operating table, so far.

foxes Stay tuned for the addition of their relatives. And scarves.

Today, the small red fox, named Barrie, (after his home town) went to live with my mom in Haliburton. There are other foxes there nearby, so he won’t be lonely.

And my friend Jenn, who has brilliant ideas, asked me to make a sleeping bag for her son’s toy and  voila, this was created! It looks pretty cozy. This is a keeper idea. Thanks Jenn. I call this bear Better, because when you have one, everything is just suddenly made better. His pattern is from While She Naps, the Charity Bear.

sleeping bag