You’d think I’d have time for this

It is after all, a pandemic we are in and I have been more or less housebound for almost a full year. And I love my computer and various devices sooo very much. And photography. I’m snapping away every day. So it would make sense that I’d have been on here typing away and posting pics. But no. I rush through my must-do jobs here at home everyday (Mark takes a lot of care, especially during this pandemic because every day I cook delicious meal for him and now I even cut his hair!!) and as soon as ‘free time’ is declared, I head downstairs to my place of bliss… the sewing room… play room. When I was small, growing up in Minden, in the days before colour, my school had no Kindergarten and I had to wait in agony in black and white until grade 1 to start. So I like to believe I am having Kindergarten now in my retirement. How lucky am I??? And you should know that some days I declare ‘free time’ the moment my feet hit the floor. After coffee of course.

So right now I am working on a very fun project, but can’t post a pic because its a surprise for a friend. You will have to wait. Meanwhile, here I am in my favourite place with a few friends. I will really try to do better in the future. But right now, I must go sew.

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