A sewing room must-have addition: the Wool Pressing Mat

This is a wool pressing mat and I must tell you, it is awesome. Santa brought it and I must send him a thank you note. I love it not only because of the great press is gives under a hot iron, but I can move it anywhere in my sewing room. And no, it doesn’t not get hot underneath, so no need for any extra padding. I can have it right beside me as I sew which is so handy for doing a lot of strip piecing or tiny blocks for quilting projects. All I need now are a few more outlets to plug in my iron. I could take a pic of the mess of cords under my table, but you would be horrified. Here is a pic of the wool pressing met… it’s nice and big… 24 x 20

Here is the mat sitting just behind my sewing table on my desk. I need only swivel my chair to access it, so no exercise now whatsoever. 🙂
In the centre above you'll see my awesome filing system... the file boxes on the floor.They are filled to capacity. I hate filing but it is so necessary. Say hi to my banana elf while you are here. He is just hanging around.

My Sewing Room : organization 101

These photos show a little more about how I organize things... it was the trickiest part of setting up. Where to put everything in a sensible way. If you have questions, give me a shout.

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