Everyone needs a ‘Needle Pillow’

I’m in love with this little thing already. I am forever changing needles on my machine to suit the project and re-using many of them when the project has been small or sewing time very brief. I generally try to remember to return gently used needle to its little packages; I put them inside backwards to try to help identify older vs brand new. But this seems like a vastly easier method, tho time will tell.

In any case, I did not invent this, but saw one like it advertised on FB, and thought why not make my own? So I simply created the grid and text on my computer, added my logo and some clipart then printed it onto white cotton. If you’ve never done this, don’t be afraid. You can use printable fabric sheets (Amazon has a variety tho they are a bit pricey.) You can also iron freezer paper to the back of your fabric, cut to a reasonable size to fit into your printer and print away. I’ve had good success with this method.

I just happened to have the perfect accent fabric – covered in sewing pins. I wanted the fabric to be visible on the front so made some 1′ borders, then stuffed it with fibre-fill. Crushed walnuts are recommended, but I think we will be ok.

I’ve attached the template (minus my logo) here if you’d like to use it. Once you have it you can resize it to what ever suits. My needle pillow looks huge in this photo, but finished its dimensions are about 6″ x 7″. Say hi to Shadow guarding things in the background.

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