Shark Attack

Well it’s been awhile and with lots of good reasons,  but suffice it to say life has been full lately. Finally some down time today and a chance to dig out the fleece and create something fun for a special little guy who is turning 5. He already has a grey one but this fellow (pattern from Abby Glassenberg) is bigger and better and bluer and comes with its own lunch!

Happy birthday dear Tom!

A beautiful  blue shark with his lunch swimming nearby

A beautiful blue shark with his lunch swimming nearby

photo 4

A big shark and dome little fishied

A big shark and some little fishies

Down by the sea again: I can’t help myself… I love the mermaids! And they have some new friends.

I can’t wait to give these to some special friends… so please keep things quiet!! Check out the shiny seahores and fishes… more on that later. The Fish, you see, may become shark food down the road. Ouch for the fish.




Mermaids in the making

photo 5        photo 4



And all in a row, ready for the pool

photo 2 photo 1

Shiny, happy Sea horses

image photo 3

imageJust hanging out in their basket, waiting for the right conditions.



What does the fox say?

For a few days now, this song has been reverberating in my head. My daughter first showed this to me last year and I didn’t quite “get it” then, but I do now. It’s catchy. Have a listen and a look at the youtube video and you will see why.  But be careful! You won’t get this out of your head for a lonnnnng time.

I wanted to make a few foxes for gifts at Christmas and found Stitched by Crystal’s  pattern to be fun and easy.

3 created and another on the operating table, so far.

foxes Stay tuned for the addition of their relatives. And scarves.

Today, the small red fox, named Barrie, (after his home town) went to live with my mom in Haliburton. There are other foxes there nearby, so he won’t be lonely.

And my friend Jenn, who has brilliant ideas, asked me to make a sleeping bag for her son’s toy and  voila, this was created! It looks pretty cozy. This is a keeper idea. Thanks Jenn. I call this bear Better, because when you have one, everything is just suddenly made better. His pattern is from While She Naps, the Charity Bear.

sleeping bag


Down by the sea

I must have a “thing” for the sea lately, as I have been leaning towards creatures of the sea and have had so much fun with patterns from Abby Glassenburg and others.

First the mermaids and the little fishes with patterns from at

Here are some pics, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone, as they are mostly Christmas gifts for young and not so young friends!

Banana and friends

Down by my own “sea” in my backyard, with my new friends

photo 1 photo 1

And today I discovered the perfect friend to accompany these, a little seahorse from Lia’s Crafty Journey’s blog.

I used some minky I had left over from a baby blanket and created this little guy. I used safety eyes instead of felt. There will be many more of these to come.

Thanks Lia!


Then along came a sweet friend: I made him out of a listening grey stretchy bit I had in my stash left over from who-knows-what and guess what?  I love him!  He looks like he has just jumped right out of the surf.

Shiny Seahorse

Shiny Seahorse

Then I wondered what would happened if I introduced them to one another. So far so good. They are observant, anyway.

Talking sea horses

Sea horses meeting for the first time

The Bubbles Bag

OK, so a few days have passed and lots going on, including many “makings”, but the Bubbles Bag is next up and is pretty darn cute and very easy to sew. All the info is here at Unfortunately Oh’s blog 

I had the most gorgeous piece of canvas purchased from the Fabric Depot called Larkspur Bright, manufactured by Alexander Henry. I had just a 1/2 yd which was lots to make this bag, though I chose contrasting handles. Because I like an over the shoulder bag, I increased the handles from 22″ to 32″ and like how this feels. I used fusible fleece to add some added structure and a heavier cotton lining with an inside pocket.

What do you think?

The Bubbles Bag, Banana's version

The Bubbles Bag, Banana’s version



Cauliflower-Cheese Soup

Yesterday was soup day! The cauliflower so perfect, it cried out “Make me”!

Here is the recipe: Cauliflower Soup It’s from an old cookbook of mine called Georgian Bay Cooking and I’ve been making it or years.

I’ve yet to find anyone who didn’t love this immediately.



Perfect Cauliflower

The best local cauliflower of summer

Onions and butter to start

Onions and butter to start

A healthy hit of grated old cheddar

A healthy hit of grated old cheddar

A sprinkle of Nutmeg and paprika ....and voila!

A sprinkle of Nutmeg and paprika

And next: The Bubbles Bag


Hobo bag

I had a request from a special friend for a Hobo/Slouch/Boho bag. So I scoured the net and found a free and wonderfully detailed tutorial by My young friend M wants a patchy one, big enough to hold binders and books at school and as we are both unsure of the measurements, I did a mockup using some fabric rescued from my mom’s house, which I remember from my teens… a few decades ago.

I think it turned out pretty well… and look how many of my own friends it holds. They seem happy enough.

Donna's hobo bag

Well here I am

I am  part time nurse and full time wife, frequent sewer of only things fun, and a Banana…more about that later. Currently, I am home recovering from rotator cuff surgery, so have found a wee bit more time to discover the world of blogging.

I’ve been thinking for a while now of posting some of the fun things I make and do, so this may be my chance.

Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens.